Writing Prompt #13

What did you learn about yourself this month?

That I do a lot of planning and not enough action. I often say or even think that I’m going to do something without actually doing it. I been planning to create videos for a couple of weeks but still haven’t done it. That sort of thing.

Also, I learned that I use the excuse of lack of confidence is the reason I didn’t do this or that. When really I’m just being lazy and not wanting to do something. It’s a disgusting trait for someone who wants to thrive and prevail.

How would I change this? No more talking just do it. Stop making excuses and start taking action. The ball is in my hands why not shoot it. We build confidence as we go. That’s it for this post like, and follow for more from yours truly. Read my previous posts until tomorrow.

Behind The Scenes: 400+ Part 2

This weight has been a thorn in my side for so long. It’s getting annoying to even talk about it. But here goes nothing. 3 years of me working out and losing weight then gaining it back. Led me to finally drop the weight needed to meet the surgeon.

The surgeon talked about the side effects and what could happen and I didn’t feel right. You know? I love the idea of dropping weight faster than usual but something just didn’t feel right. After the meeting, I still had to deal with another doctor before I can reach the surgeon again.

That brings me to my current situation. Where I’m lost trying to get passed this never-ending task. You would think just going to sleep with a mask on would be easy. But for me, it’s the hardest thing I have faced.

I struggle with it almost every night. It’s like an air conditioner just blowing into my nose and mouth while I try to sleep. I only have to do it for a month and I can’t get through one night. The doctors act like I’m speaking a foreign language when I tell them I can’t sleep with it. Peers do the same thing.

I ask God for a sign all the time for if I should pull out or not. Maybe this is the sign or maybe it’s just another never-ending challenge. I still workout and try to eat right and lose some weight. But it’s nothing like if I went under already. That’s it for this post. Like, comment and share for more post like this. Enjoy some of my previous post below. See you tomorrow.

Let’s Talk About It: Suicide

Suicide is a tough subject. I too get depressed and think about this but it has never gone as far as a hospital bed. Just a weapon in my hand here and there but not to a point where I’m bleeding out. Yeah, you may already know through my poems. But anyway, suicide is tough to deal with. But sometimes people don’t get that. You’ll never know what someones feeling until your in their position.

I do think the best way to deal with depression and anxiety is to let out how your feeling to someone that will understand and offer some advice. Sometimes having another set of ears can help you. Other than that I think what helps is finding yourself an outlet.

For me it’s poetry. Venting through poetry makes me feel better when I’m down in the dumps. For some just writing it out on paper in paragraphs may help. Or sharing online can help. It brings people around that you never met before but is or has been in your predicament.

Suicide is the biggest murder in this nation. It’s something that may be controlled if your willing to put in the effort to control it early on. Letting the hate or sadness sit inside that red thing in your chest will just make you feel worse. As far as bullies go don’t let them win. In most cases their going through the same thing but try to mask it by taking it out on you. If anyone out there is in pain or down or just feel alone. Remember your not alone. Your not the only one and you can overcome this. But it all starts with you.

I hope this helps. I don’t mean to offend anyone I’m just letting out my thoughts on the topic. This is it for this blog post. I’ll be back tomorrow with another post. Make sure to like and follow this blog for more updates. Follow me on all social media platforms. Check out some of my previous blogs, until tomorrow.



So basically continue to stall

While our kids continue to starve

The biggest killers have white skin but they still not behind bars

If they do get a sentence it’s shorter than a dwarf

Bills coming up to our neck like a scarf

And we’re told to be patient and let it run it’s course

But the suffering and hunger is something you don’t have to endorse