This Is America (Poem)

America the land of the free

The home of the brave

Where cops shoot teens because they can

Nowadays the police are worst than the klan

Teenage girls become pregnant at 16

Half of America is stuck in poverty

Most people only have the energy to commit robberies

People gave up on working and started robbing

I guess this is the part you don’t see on tv

You only see the reality shows and athletes

You don’t see the people accepting defeat

The ones taking themselves out because of bills

You don’t see the addicts taking pills

You don’t see the drug dealers making deals

None of that is up for appeal

Its cool living the dream

Where everything is no longer segregated and everything is fair

A woman can beat the hell out of a man without him swinging

Women want rights to be equal but them beating men is fair

Countless videos of women jumping men while others watch

No one calls the police on the women, only call on men

A man defending himself is domestic violence

So I must silence

It’s so fair now between cops and gangsters

Cops can kill you and say it was a accident

On the other hand a gangster saying it was an accident gets him life

Now is that right

Day by day, night by night everyone pray for a better way

While days get worst

Teens are beat up and harassed by officers

While the president monitor

The people you vote for watch it all happen

Money is their only attraction

As long as they getting paid then they absent

I don’t even watch the news anymore

The news is so biased

You only see Hispanics and Black people doing illegal things

But never the Caucasian are ever on the scene

Black lives matter chants are seen everywhere

You only hear that when another race do the shooting

Black on black is just a normal shooting

Racial profiling is always the case

Walking while black will change the pace

Walking while white may get you a wave

Others live their lives being a slave

The only thing they worried about is the money

You get fed a bone every once in awhile

Just worried about not being on trial

This is everyday life

This is America

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Under (Spoken Word)

Under: I recited this on the day of my surgery. Thought I would share it on here. View previous posts until tomorrow. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list. The video of me reciting is here:

About to go under

Listen I never been punctured by a knife

Only voices that spoke volumes inside

Never been physically stabbed but I got scars in my soul

That took a toll On me

It finally made me try and heal to feel whole

No matter what I tried I never healed correctly like my arm

Thoughts used to run wild so much I thought about being armed

A little voice told me to just be calm

See the thing about being verbally abused is it doesn’t really hurt until you hear the same stuff from your pops and mom

The same stuff that you can’t control is what enemies tend to use against you

My only advice is to always be confident in yourself

Without a insecurity they don’t have leverage

Now I’m not doing this cause I’m desperate

I’m doing this to get rid of my insecurity

And finally feel like the man again

I have been verbally beaten for 8 years

I have shed millions of tears

Just looking for a cure

I found one

If it wasn’t meant to be

He wouldn’t have let me get to this point

It’s almost time to go

So I’ll see y’all on the other side

Weekly Thoughts #29

I have heard that after the surgery you won’t have an appetite for food. Boy was they wrong. I’m hungry as hell. I have 1 more week of this liquid diet and I am craving some food. Especially with all the weekend festivities going on around me. I’m missing food every minute.

On the other hand, I’m down to 380 and it feels amazing. Finally out the 4s. I’m officially 35 pounds down since I started this liquid diet. If I thought of this before my date I would have stuck to this. But then I probably would have gone back up. Truthfully I needed the restriction the sleeve brings. Knowing I can’t eat over a certain amount keeps my weight down.

Blog-wise, I’m planning to post some more stories. Currently getting a story edited. This story is part of a story I posted some time last year. I’ll probably repost that story. Then do the second part on a later date. I want it to be a series of stories.

Stories are not my strongest ability anymore. I just have a harder time getting in that zone because I’m just so used to writing poetry. I’ll get my mojo back at some point in time hopefully.

I’m currently doing my Instagrams over so my page is really inactive. I plan on posting the blog pictures and poetry quotes on @Piecesofkblog. As for my main page, I’m still stuck a little on what I want to post. I kinda want it to be more of my life and videos of me reciting. I guess I’m just over the quotes on my page. But I do like some other people format of posting. I don’t really know still thinking. Anyways follow my main page anyways. @k.exum.

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I’m Black (Spoken Word)

I’m Black:

All I keep hearing is keep calm it will be okay

I can’t keep calm I am black

They say relax

But you are not black

You don’t get attacked

But I get smacked

I get smacked because I match the description of a suspect in this incident

Oh what a coincidence

This is getting irritant

Get beaten and brutalize with no evidence

This is nothing new its been in existence

I’m ready to go the distance

Get pulled over each day because of your lights

You tell them you know your rights

Still get searched with no warrant

They say do you have any guns

You mind as well give no response

Before you know it you in handcuffs on the curb

Getting searched

These cops are starting to purge

Ask for id and then shots occur

Now the people start to converge

Another cop is not charged

They say violence doesn’t solve anything

Well back in the day we use to march in peace

Until our fearless leader was gun down on a balcony

His killer simply went missing

Just like that plane simply went missing


This year people are going nuts over gun control laws

Gun control laws can’t stop the police

We need peace

But thousand of people are killed and their case is left in a breeze

So I continue to tap on these keys

And let my words breathe

I can’t keep calm I am black

Be respectful and do as they say

A man on the ground with his hands up

I guess he wasn’t respectful enough

Or that was just his bad luck

They say not all cops are bad

Okay tell me what a good cop is

One that doesn’t use his fist

Or one that when he has to apprehend a suspect he has to use violence

But I thought violence is bad

Cops come to schools to tell the kids to never use violence

Wow that’s so crazy

That’s like a bully saying stop bullying

Or K. Michelle saying butt shots is not good

Or maybe like a thief saying don’t steal

Another unarmed man or child die each day

Everyday I feel like I’m next

So each day I pray

Because at the end of the day

I’m black