Writing Prompt #36

For this Writing Prompt Wednesday, is a prompt from Writers Write. A website where I get most of my Prompts from. https://writerswrite.co.za/daily-writing-prompt-785/

If you could be invisible for a day, write down 3 things you would do if you knew you can get away with it

Write down 3 things I would do if I was invisible and I can get away with things

What you think

I would rob a bank

I might take somebody life as well

I don’t have to worry about someone trying to tell

That last one was kind of off the rails

But hell I would rob a store

A lot of robbing here but I’m invisible

Take some iPhones and computers from a apple store

Sell them fast

For a a lot of cash

Try and double the amount from what I took from the bank

Come back to reality and live the rest of my life without anyone having a clue

But what would you do

Window (Spoken Word)

The window stood open and all I had to do was jump

Jump and hopefully, all my problems will be over

As I flew to the ground, I can feel the burden being lifted off my shoulder 

My loss is going to hit my loved ones like a bolder

But I know when I was here they gave me the cold shoulder 

They only love you when it’s all over

When I was here they act like they didn’t know me

Now they love me more than ever

If only they showed it when I was here I wouldn’t be flying through the sky like a lost feather