Writing Prompt #12

What do I need to let go?

The past:

The past is not a reflection of me and that’s something I just need to accept. Although situations and my loved ones hurt me in ways I can’t explain. It’s not something that should make me hate them and myself.

As far as the future goes, I don’t think I can go full thrive to my goals if my mind is stuck in the past. To chase after a dream or your goals, your mindset has to be focused on that goal or dream. Not thinking about what happened last year, last week or even yesterday. Just talking from experience.

Writing Prompt #9

This is from this Site

What are the three things that scare you the most and why?

Not fully accomplishing my goals. Just knowing that I never tried.

Not losing the weight I feel that will make me happy. Just knowing that I let myself down by not getting off the weight that I set out to do time after time again. Then not truly being happy with myself and wardrobe. Knowing in the back of my head that this was all my fault.

Not fully becoming the artist I want to be. Failure seems to be the theme of this post. Me knowing that I tried my best and didn’t live up to my fullest potential is scary. You know when your passionate about something but failed to become everything you can be. Thinking to yourself what could I have done to get to this or that accomplishment. Regrets basically. I don’t want to have regrets at the end of my life.

Writing Prompt #7

Writing Prompt: What’s a place that you consider home?

I have three places that I consider home. For one I feel home when I’m in North Carolina specifically Rocky Mount. It’s just peaceful there. Not like here it’s just quiet there. I have some family there but I will be peaceful there sometimes. I don’t know what it is about being there but I am peaceful there.

My old high school football field. That’s where I had my lows and highs. I just am peaceful sitting out in the bleachers reminiscing to all the bad and good memories I had wearing that jersey.

Other than those two. Most times I’m at peace at home. Or anywhere I can be alone. I guess I’m just peaceful being alone.

Writing Prompt #1

I wish I had never seen the way mom use to beat on you

You use to tell me how it was okay because you were a man

And it was easy to take that type of pain

But at some point between the slaps, punches, and kicks

You happened to lose your shit

And you hit back

Now you locked behind bars and I just wish you would come back

I was always on your side

I just thought you should know

It’s crazy how a man is punished for giving back a blow

The world doesn’t see this as a problem because when things like this happen women are deemed as not strong

Any other discussion about equality saying that would be wrong

This seems like a fight you could never have won

I just miss you, dad,

Disclaimer: Just a prompt I found on Pinterest. I will link it later when I find it but here’s my unpopular poem about domestic violence. Make sure you like, comment and share. Follow this blog for more.