Monthly Rant 5

 This report is why I always feel unsafe in America. Slavery was a long time ago but somehow I’m still not safe with this pigment. The narrative is a black boy inside a store using a soda machine gets stabbed in the neck because he was listening to rap music. The first thing the media does is pull the mental health card. If I stabbed him in the neck I would get life inside of a cell. No mental health card. I would just be another thug. Why is that?

 There are a number of crimes like this with a white man or child doing the murders and it’s all because of mental health right? If this situation was turned upside down do you think the boy would get the mental health card? I don’t think so.

 I was born black. I’m guilty every time I leave the house. Cops are like trained assassins waiting to empty their clips. Or they’ll lock up innocent kids for a large amount of years for something they didn’t do. No evidence that points to half the people in the jail but somehow they’re still imprisoned.

 I have watched cops walk up to people dressed homeless. Just to try and catch a maybe drug dealer or worse.  All they see is a group of black men and think maybe their doing something illegal. Maybe their right but aren’t they supposed to catch them in the act not set them up to commit an act.

 I can’t name the last time they found a missing black child alive. Because we don’t matter in this country. Just like the immigrants. They’re literally getting raided right now. Separated from their families. Put in horrible living situations. Sounds like something my history teachers kept away from me in school.

 Know the law they say. How? We’re not even taught about the laws in school. At least I didn’t or know anyone who did. Countless videos of people following directions and still shot repeatedly. But the killers all say the same, “ I was scared for my life.”

 Oh well another election is coming. Let’s shift our eyes on to that. Maybe they’ll stick up for the unprivileged. A black president couldn’t help. So a woman may do the trick right? Not doubting her just want to know if a woman wins in the near future. Will it change anything? Will my death mean less because my shooter wore a badge? Will it mean less if he was white? Or will black on black be the only time it’s a problem.

 This is simply a rant. Not really trying to promote the next post. Just getting something off my chest. I know that case in the beginning is fairly new. I would be surprised if the narrative is different this time. But what about all the others. Seems like when the colors change they justify it with mental health or guns. It’s millions of people with guns. With that narrative everyone should be dead. Oh right guns don’t kill with out a finger on the trigger.


Monthly Rant 4

Why do the people of America spend so much time debating over a hashtag? Like you spend more time debating than actually making a change. Ex. It’s Black Lives Matter. No, it’s all lives matter. No, we’re getting slaughtered by the same group let’s do something about it instead of arguing about what the movement is called.

Then we argue about who gets it the worse. Like it matters. If Jeffrey shot Timmy in the face. Then he shot my friend Darryl in the face. You see a bigger bullet in one. I see 2 bodies dropped by the same person. I don’t care what the movement is called. I only care about one word, “ Justice”.

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Old Friend (Spoken Word)

The other day I got a visit from my old friend

I had my friend on my chest like a girlfriend

I haven’t seen him since the ninth grade

That time when I was so afraid

If I let him do what he wanted to do it would be a parade

I almost let him set it off like a grenade

It was going to come as a huge surprise

God wanted me to survive

So I’m still here and energize

When will I rise

Been living in lies

My peers been leading me through a path

I had to get away from that fast like a 40 yard dash

They only want cash

But I need to surpass

Just to go through my own path

My old friend came to lead me to the gates

It wasn’t my time yet

He told me I would soon be a vet

I will soon be a threat

To never let up

And never give up

To always trust your gut

To cut out the negative

No matter what relative

My old friend almost took me to god

But I stopped him

From committing one hell of a sin

Now I’m on a sprint to greatness

You and me will never meet again

I got too much to gain

Been through so much pain

Old friend its over for me and you

Monthly Rant 3

I like how cops say they shot someone on accident. Then get freedom. I wonder if I can shoot someone and say it was an accident. Would I still get freedom? I make a lot about cops because I really don’t like how some abuse their power. Just the other day I saw a cop suplex a female in front of her mom. She was handcuffed already.

Those moments like that is what cause these rants. The worst part is when someone actually believes their story and come at you because you don’t stand with them. If the evidence lined up and the officer was defending himself then yes I can stand too. But not when they are tackling or shooting someone repeatedly but they’re scared for their life.

I just wanted to do a quick rant for a second. Shout out to the good cops. You do good in this world but it’s overshadowed by the evil. The same evil that you turn a blind eye to. Just like some of my people turn a blind eye to the crimes they see on a daily. Well, follow me on all social media platforms. Like comment and subscribe to my mailing list. View my previous posts until tomorrow.