2019 Music Must Listen

  1. Revenge of The Dreamers 3: Although I’m just catching up on these album series I’m still anxious for this project. Cole has been sounding hungry on his last couple of records like his feature on A lot and his song Middle Child. I’m ready for this album. I have been listening to his artists like Ari Lennox, Cozz, Bas and J.I.D and I haven’t been disappointed.
  2. I don’t even know if this will still happen. But the Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle album that was rumored to be happening before his untimely demise. R.I.P Nipsey Hussle by the way. True legend on his albums. Also a true legend to his community.
  3. Views From The General’s Helmet By Montana Of 300 is a must. All of his projects have been amazing so far. I know this will be even better.
  4. Trapstar Turnt Popstar By PNB Rock. One of the newer artists albums that I have been so patiently waiting for. He sings and raps and has a melodic like singing and rapping flow that I love to hear. As well as just his singing on records like selfish and misunderstood and every song on Going Thru The Motions. Which I would recommend you listen to.
  5. Cardi B Album: Her last album was fire and I know she won’t disappoint. She’s slowly creeping into my top 5 female rappers list.

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Top 5 Favorite (Poem)

My top 5 favorite rappers

Would have to be dapper

Not much of a trapper

But no slacker

My top 5 will have to have swagger

And their lyrics will have to be like a dagger

They change so much how can I really pick 5

I will pick 5 dead or alive

I will try to analyze exactly why

I will have to go with the legend biggie

His flow is very tricky

His lyrics could never be shitty

I think my favorite lyric was when he did ten crack commandments

It was so much of an advancement

It was like he was telling you the rules of the game

The rules of the game in his rap it was so much to gain

This line left a stain in my mind

He said money and blood don’t mix like two dicks and no bitch

That bar left my mind in a serious ditch

I’m use to listening to people rap about getting rich

But he was different it was a laid back cool flow

You know just like snoop dogg

But his had a little bit of a edge on it

That’s why he was so hot

My second favorite would have to be the metaphor king

Lil wayne metaphors will leave you amazed

His style is so wild

The metaphors be crazy but make sense

I can’t even pick one cause its so many

J. Cole is next up for a Grammy

And next up on my top five

His songs aren’t full of lies

He actually talk about real life

He is a lyricist

And one of the biggest

Ace hood would be my next favorite

His songs just got a certain hood edge

Like he is full of rage

Like someone locked him in a cage

When he rap its like he on a rampage

It keeps me engaged

Then there’s my last favorite

It would have to be slim shady

Eminem skills is crazy

It can’t be traced

When he touch the mic the whole building stop in its tracks

He has crazy impact

His song not afraid is my favorite song of all time

The story it tells of being brave

Eminem is one of the only rappers I know that could spit for 6 minutes

Rap god was crazy after a long break

I could listen to him all day

All day everyday

That’s my top 5 favorite rappers

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5 Underrated Artists

J. Cole: This one is a real argument because I believe he won’t get the recognition he deserves as a lyricist. It’s always two or 3 other artists out above him and I really don’t see the comparison. I may be biased because he’s my favorite artist but I believe he’s the top rapper in the industry as of right now.

Montana Of 300: Always and forever underrated. I think it’s because he won’t sign a deal. I don’t blame him though it’s like signing up to get robbed. When you put in all the work but somehow they get a bigger cut because their name is behind you. Also when it comes to having bars he is unmatched.

Russ: Same as Montana really. Also, some confuse his music with his supposed cockiness. I mean why not flaunt that you do it all on your own. Just like when someone shows off jewelry if you got it why not.

Hopsin: I don’t know why his name is not bigger. The flows plus his creative storytelling is one in a million. If you haven’t listened to him, I advise you do.

NF: His Music is a little emotional but it’s his real life. Just listen to How Could You Leave Us and you’ll see what I’m referring to. By the way, great music to write to.