Tips For Buying Shoes

Buy Different Color Ways: Ok bare with me. At some point in time, you’re going to buy a shirt or some pants and going to stress yourself because you don’t have a pair of shoes with this color. Trust I have been through it.

Buy Black Shoes: I think it’s a must-have. Black goes with anything. If you don’t have a colorway like option one. Black will be your fix.

Buy White Shoes: Much like option 2 white goes with most of your summer clothes.

Top 3 Favorite: Online Stores

Top 5 Favorite: Online Stores

  1. just for the simple fact that it has the best clothes in my opinion. As a big guy its extremely hard to find clothes I like and in my size and I can say Drjays is my best bet. Sometimes the sizing is off but they come in handy other times.
  2. Of course I had to put this one just because I’m a shoe fanatic. I have been slacking lately but this is my go to.
  3. Just because I can find any and everything here. Mics, mic stand, computers, the list goes on and on.