Random Poem

Friends went to college

I went on this weight loss journey

They throwing caps in the air

Imma throw this weight in the air

Just praying I don’t have a death scare

I’m going to be prepared

I hope I make it out

Let me make it out

Gift (Poem)

Being around you take away the pain in my heart

Just seeing you every day gives me a reason to express myself through this art

I’m loving this high you give me

Every time we encounter

I got a lot of doubters

But you don’t ever counter

I think that’s why I love you

Cause you always got my back

  • Thank You Gift
  • Poetry Reading Ep 5: Spouse

    Another video. Trying to get better at recording. It’s still a working progress. But this piece was my opinion on domestic violence. I often feel like we ignore the abuse that a woman portrays because of the simple narrative that men are stronger. I feel there’s a deeper feeling of being physically attacked no matter the genders. I’m rambling but that’s the opinion I tried to portray. Like, comment, and subscribe to my youtube channel. View some of my previous post. Download my new Story Pinder if Interested.The Jimmy Kanter Chronicles: Pinder

    Writing Prompt #23

    Write a poem about your body

    My body is a temple that I often don’t want to be in

    The look and make of the model may be pleasant to some but not me

    Reasons why I use to want to leave

    But I rather do some repairs

    And continue to climb the stairs

    To Success

    We are not all blessed

    With a great body that cover our flesh

    But it’s up to us

    To change the image that we don’t like instead of putting up a fuss

    That’s what I think of my body

    Other Version:

    My body is like a Chevy Tahoe

    Big and wide

    It still is a good ride

    The inside is nice

    Great leather seats inside

    The engine is loud and impactful

    Once you hear it you will be amazed

    But why am I so fazed

    I just never looked at the body as great

    I guess because the dents

    Always made me repent

    Fixing it up would bring me joy that I always dreamt

    But that thought is nothing but a dream that mechanics been told me would happen

    But it just hasn’t happened

    So I settle for this truck

    Because for the time being I’m stuck

    Reason why I barely take it out

    Because this truck is something I’m not comfortable with

    Disclaimer: I don’t hate myself by the way. I could see how you can get that vibe from this. But I wrote 2 versions just because I had two different comparisons for this prompt. Hope you enjoyed. By the way this prompt came from https://www.journalbuddies.com/journal_prompts__journal_topics/60-daily-creative-writing-prompts/

    Top 5 Favorite (Poem)

    My top 5 favorite rappers

    Would have to be dapper

    Not much of a trapper

    But no slacker

    My top 5 will have to have swagger

    And their lyrics will have to be like a dagger

    They change so much how can I really pick 5

    I will pick 5 dead or alive

    I will try to analyze exactly why

    I will have to go with the legend biggie

    His flow is very tricky

    His lyrics could never be shitty

    I think my favorite lyric was when he did ten crack commandments

    It was so much of an advancement

    It was like he was telling you the rules of the game

    The rules of the game in his rap it was so much to gain

    This line left a stain in my mind

    He said money and blood don’t mix like two dicks and no bitch

    That bar left my mind in a serious ditch

    I’m use to listening to people rap about getting rich

    But he was different it was a laid back cool flow

    You know just like snoop dogg

    But his had a little bit of a edge on it

    That’s why he was so hot

    My second favorite would have to be the metaphor king

    Lil wayne metaphors will leave you amazed

    His style is so wild

    The metaphors be crazy but make sense

    I can’t even pick one cause its so many

    J. Cole is next up for a Grammy

    And next up on my top five

    His songs aren’t full of lies

    He actually talk about real life

    He is a lyricist

    And one of the biggest

    Ace hood would be my next favorite

    His songs just got a certain hood edge

    Like he is full of rage

    Like someone locked him in a cage

    When he rap its like he on a rampage

    It keeps me engaged

    Then there’s my last favorite

    It would have to be slim shady

    Eminem skills is crazy

    It can’t be traced

    When he touch the mic the whole building stop in its tracks

    He has crazy impact

    His song not afraid is my favorite song of all time

    The story it tells of being brave

    Eminem is one of the only rappers I know that could spit for 6 minutes

    Rap god was crazy after a long break

    I could listen to him all day

    All day everyday

    That’s my top 5 favorite rappers

    Disclaimer: I wanted to reveal my top 5 in a different way than the usual list form. Hope you enjoyed. Remember to subscribe to my mailing list and check out some of my other posts.