Writing Prompt #29

I always felt uncomfortable around her because….

I always felt uncomfortable around her

Because I just didn’t know what to say

She was my one true love

Until she shattered my soul with one sentence

And then the fact that she was apart of the gang made it worse

Because no matter where I went she was going to be there for sure

And I just didn’t know how to deal with that

So when I seen her up there looking upon the birds

I thought I could finally get back at the person who didn’t know my worth

No one was near so I just pushed then I stared

As her body flew down the mountain like an eagle flying home

Finally she was gone

But I couldn’t return home

Why did I allow her to make a drastic change to my life?

How could I have been so dumb

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The Jimmy Kanter Chronicles: Pinder

“Aye, Jimmy, you hip to this app?” Derrick asked as he showed his phone screen to Jimmy.


“Nah, what’s that?” He said as he leaned over.


“It’s this app called Pinder. It’s like Tinder but mainly with black people. Yeah, I’ll warn you it’s got some men on here faking.” Derrick continued to swipe through.


Jimmy was hooked on the app from that moment on. He swiped left and right on each picture all throughout his classes. A couple of matches came his way and, before he knew it, he was talking to different women from all over the globe.


One evening, Jimmy came across a photo of a brown skin woman with big breasts. His eyes lit up when he saw her picture and there was just something about her that made him want to talk to her. Messaging on Pinder turned into them texting, then FaceTiming each other. He liked her even more because she lived close to him.


The first time they FaceTimed was when Jimmy was on spring break. Maya wanted to FaceTime while he was in the hotel. When the FaceTime went live, Jimmy could barely see her face and she kept making excuses for why there were no lights on.


“What was all that about? I’m no dummy when it comes to a catfish. Nah I’m trippin.” He thought.


After contemplating it, he decided to call one of his closest friends.


“Bruh, I’m about to send you a picture of this girl I been talking to. She said she lives around there.” As he sent the picture, all he heard was a loud laugh.


“Bruh, you playing! Not her. I tried talking to her too. Then I saw her in person. Never talk to her again.” Terrance said as he continued laughing.


“It can’t be that bad. She looks good in her flicks.” He argued.


“Nah, that’s in a picture. I’m going to show you when you get back. I know exactly where she lives.” Terrance said.


 A couple of days went by as Jimmy continued his family trip in New Orleans. He partied night in and night out with his family until it was time to go back. After arriving back home to Landover, Maryland, Jimmy was picked up by Terrance in his dad’s work truck. They went to Maya’s house. It was an older white house with a garden out front. The sky was clear and the sun shined bright.


As Maya began to walk outside. Terrance picked the perfect moment to yell out, “There goes your girl.”


Jimmy’s eyes opened wide as he looked at her. Maya was nothing like her pictures. She was short with breasts that hung down to her hands. She was as wide as a Chevy Tahoe and she walked like a sumo wrestler towards the car.


“Pull off.” Jimmy yelled from the back seat.


The two of them quickly pulled off, leaving her outside. Maya and Jimmy hardly spoke at all after that. Although she didn’t know he had seen her or knew where she lived. Just the mere sight of her turned him away from talking to her again.


Story Time: My First Story

Patrica’s World:

Once there was a girl name Patricia Jones. Her friend’s call her Pat. Pat loves playing soccer, she always wins her games. She has a friend named Janaye. Pat has a crush on a boy named Alvin. Alvin played for the Redskins. One day at school Alvin ask Pat out Pat said yes. They went to the movie Pat got her first kiss. The next day Alvin got hurt in football against the Dallas Cowboys. He broke his leg. 2 Months later Pat was in her final game of soccer, she won. Alvin was healed. But Pat found out Alvin was kissing other girls. So she went up to him and asked why. Then he pushed her, then the next day Pat went up to Alvin and hit him so hard he fell out the wheelchair.

Chapter 2:

One day Pat mother Denise said that she was having a baby. Pat ran like a cheetah to Janaye house to tell her the big news. Then Janaye said the baby was going to steal your spotlight. The baby came they named her Marry. Denise and Kevin said she was cute. But Pat said she was ugly. Then she starts crying. So her dad talks to her.

Chapter 3:

10 years later Marry, Patricia and Janaye were all out shopping. They saw Alvin kissing again. One day Alvin went out with Marry. Pat saw Alvin ask Marry do you want some drugs. She said no. Pat hit him.

Marry grew up an became a doctor. Patrica became a soccer player. Janaye became a professional wrestler. She was the world heavyweight champion.


I have so many questions. For one why was I thinking about all this at the age of 8? Why’re the chapters so small? I confused myself typing this again. That was my first ever story I wrote when I was 8 years old in the house with my grandma on a rainy summer day. I used her first name as the main character in the story. I believe this was the first time I just felt like I should write a story and the rest has been history. Story after another. Followed by speeches and poems now. Well, that’s it for this Storytime. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog. But for now, check out some of my other blogs. Like, Comment and Share this blog. Follow for more content by yours truly.

Story Time: Best Christmas Moments

In the Christmas spirit as always. My favorite holiday of the year. But I’ll have to share my favorite Christmas moments of all time. One of my favorite Christmas moments was when I was younger and I wanted this electric scooter so bad.

 I remember riding one for the first time at a cousins house and being in love with it. I wanted it so bad but I didn’t think I would ever get it. Until that current years Christmas morning when I saw it in my living room. If I remember correctly it snowed that morning which was rare in Maryland on Christmas. I had the biggest smile as I went outside in pajamas and rode it up and down the block.

My second best moment was about 2 or 3 years ago. My older sister had been dying for a pair of Jordan’s. And I had been dying to buy her a big gift. Since she’s always buying me stuff all the time. You know that’s how I have always been just wanting to repay the favor to my loved ones.

 So, a couple weeks before Christmas the Space Jam Jordan Retro 11s released. They were one of those shoes in my area that you would have to stand in a long line to get. You would even have to buy a ticket just to be able to get in line. Crazy right. So I did all that and ended up purchasing the shoes. 

 When Christmas arrived I was so excited. She sleeps so long on Christmas mornings so I was a little impatient. I’m to this day up at like 7 on Christmas morning. It’s the little kid in me ready to burst out on the scenes. So when sleeping beauty finally came alive I was so excited. She ripped open the gift wrap and seen the Jordan label and size and said: “No this guy didn’t.” It was the first time I have seen her smile from a gift I gave her in a while. So that just made my Christmas even more special.

 Last but not least my best moment was about 4 years ago, so not that long ago. I brought my mom these ugg boots she had been wanting. It was exciting for me because it was the first pair of shoes I brought that was over 200$ and they weren’t for me. Especially buying it for moms was just simply the best feeling in the world. Well, that’s it for this storytime. I hope I get many more chances to make others feel special. I love to give more than to receive. That’s just who I am. So maybe one day I’ll get the chance to give gifts on more days than just one.

The Story of Charles Levi

“Hey, what are you reading there? The cover looks interesting”,  Rachel said as she leaned towards the man sitting across from her on the metro bus.

“Oh, it’s called ‘Charles Levi’, about the notorious serial killer. He killed over 2,000 people in 1998 before he passed in 1999. An FBI agent wrote it, talking about her time chasing him down”, the man said.

“Oh wow, is it good? she asked.

“Pretty much. It’s kind of interesting to me because the agent mentions that the hardest part about trying to track down a serial killer is figuring out who he or she is. But they killed him in 2000, which is crazy to me. How can you kill a serial killer if you don’t know which one did the killing? But what do I know?”

The man chuckled as he reached his hand up to pull the string attached to the window, signaling the bus driver to make a stop ahead.

“Yeah, I get what you are saying. It was nice meeting you today. Uh, I didn’t catch your name,” she said as she extended her hand.

“Oh, I’m David, David Lewis”, he said as he made his way off the bus.

What a nice guy. I’ll have to buy that book one day, sounds pretty interesting. Oh shoot, he left his book on the seat.

“Wait, David,”

Rachel shouted as she rushed off the bus with the book. Her business attire didn’t help her chase, as her heels would not allow her to move quickly. Plus, the tight skirt she had on didn’t let her fully extend her legs to run. David could be seen from a distance walking into a small house at the end of the block.

“David you forgot this,” she said as she stopped in front of the small house. He could be seen from the window, walking towards a woman cooking over a stove.

“That must be his wife or something. I’ll leave this on the…”

Before Rachel could utter another statement, she saw David pull out a knife and began stabbing the woman in the chest. His hand covering her mouth muted her screams. She looked on in complete disbelief as David placed the lifeless body on the ground. When he looked up, he saw Rachel standing in the yard.  The two locked eyes and she screamed.

He made his way out the door towards her. She panicked, dropped everything, and ran for her life. When he came out all was left was the book and her small purse.

“Knock, Knock.” James opened the door within seconds.

“Rachel, where have you been? I have been worried sick about you. You were supposed to be home at five so we can get ready for our dinner reservations.”

Rachel ran inside her home, scared to death, as her husband continued to question where she had been. She was drenched with sweat from all the running; she had ran for blocks before she reached her destination. Her mind roamed for minutes before she came to her senses.

“Babe, I saw a man kill someone,” she said as tears rushed out of her eyes.“What? Why didn’t you call the police?” James said as a look of concern crept across his face.

“I left my phone and everything at the scene. I was too scared. I panicked and left everything there. David, or whatever his name is, could be on his way here,” she said as she started to look around.

“Calm down, go get the house phone and call the police while I make you some tea. Tell them everything you saw, every little detail you remember. Forget reservations- we will get through this,” he said as he guided her to the living room.

Rachel picked up the phone and started to call, while James was in the kitchen making tea on the stove.

“911, what is your emergency?”

“My name is Rachel Anderson, and I would like to report a crime,” she said with a very shaky voice.

“ Miss, what happened?”

“I saw a man murder someone. He stabbed a woman over and over.”

“Where was this located?”

“ It was on 74th…”(Beep)

“Hello, hello, honey I think the line went dead.”

“ That’s not the only thing that went dead. Rachel, you shouldn’t have bothered me when I was on the bus. Maybe your boy toy would still be alive.”

Rachel stood up, scared for her life, and walked into the kitchen to see her husband on the ground, bleeding out the side of his neck.

“What did you do to him?” she cried.

“I put him out of his misery just- like I’m going to do to you.”

David walked over James body and charged at her. She turned and ran upstairs, trying to make her way to the bedroom, where her husband kept his pistol. Realizing she couldn’t make it in time, she hid in the closet.

“Come here. Make this easier on yourself,” David said as he walked up the stairs.

Hidden inside the master bedroom closet, she sat on the floor. trying not to make a sound. She put her hands together and prayed silently, while David looked through every room.

“Please God, let me make it out of this alive. I don’t know what to do. I will never talk to someone on the bus ever again. I want to make it out of this alive.” Her prayers were interrupted when the closet door opened up.