Writing Prompt #34

Writing Prompt 34: You wake up. She doesn’t

“ Good morning beautiful.”

David said as he extended his arm over the girl in his bed. The girl didn’t move a muscle.


No movement came from her. David flipped her over.

Oh no. What the hell? Is she dead?

David quickly jumped up and grabbed his phone off the dresser. He quickly dialed the number of his best friend Kevin.

“Aye bro I’m tripping out bout shawty from last night.”

“Yeah, I bet. I told you she was a baddie. But her sister Crystal. Woo wee had me going Brazy last night. I’m talking one leg up. I was like ay, ay, ay….”

“Chill Chill enough of that. The girl you set me up with is in my bed not moving.” David said as the sweat continued to run down his face.

“Duh, that’s what you do when you sleep,” Kevin said as he chuckled moments after.

“No, this girl hasn’t moved since last night. I been flipping her around and smacking her face, she won’t move. I don’t even think she’s breathing.”

“Damn what kind of bionic dick you got?!”

“This is serious,” David shouted.

“Bro calm down. If it’s so serious call an ambulance and let them deal with it.”

Kevin said calmly.

“Nigga is you out your mind. She’s white that’s murder. I’ll be in jail for life. She’s white and I’m dark chocolate.” David explained.

“Then what you going to do. I don’t know. You come up with something.” He said.

Kevin took a 10-minute drive to the apartment complex. David stood over the girl as Kevin walked in.

“ I got a plan. Your building has a trash chute. Easy we carry her there in a bag. Dump her in it then the problem is solved.”

Kevin said.

“Let’s do It.” David.

The two picked her up and placed her inside a trash bag. They carried her as if they were carrying a casket. Down the hall, they went. They repeatedly looked around to make sure no one was around. As they walked in the trash room.

“Aye stop shaking the bag?” Kevin said.

“I’m not shaking,” Kevin replied.

The two looked at each other in sync as they said.

“Aww shit.”

When they opened the bag. She was awake. Looking pissed.

“What the hell are you two doing?” She yelled.

“April Fools,” Kevin yelled.

“You had no pulse,” David said with a shocking look on his face.

“I have a condition. I black out from time to time. I told you that last night if you would have listened. God, I hate men.” She said as she got out of the bag and made her way out of the room.

“I told you about messing white girls,” Kevin said.

“Shut up.”

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I got turned down

Writing Prompt #30:The day you were turned down

I remember the time I got turned down by a 6

If I remember correctly it was in class

She swear she was bad

But not really

Was she cute, not really

Her face was okay

Her body not so much

But I shot my shot thinking it was going to be all swishes

No misses

But I missed

In fact i bricked

If I got turned down by a 6

Then what the hell am I

I mean I was a big guy

But I thought I was fly

Foams on every day

High top fade

I looked okay

She used to sit next to me

I thought maybe I can bag her

I started to flirt

Well back then people only flirted on kik

So We messaged back and forth

We just kept trading back in forth like we was playing a sport

When it came down to it I asked her out

She said no

I asked why

She said she got someone

Then sent me a pic

Her girlfriend was big

Like bigger than me

Look kinda stinky

I left the 2 and the 6 alone

I was kind of blown

I got turned down by a 6

So I must be a 5

Or she wasn’t the one for me

Every one you chase is not always for you sometimes it’s a lesson in disguise

Or I could just be a 5

Writing Prompt #29

I always felt uncomfortable around her because….

I always felt uncomfortable around her

Because I just didn’t know what to say

She was my one true love

Until she shattered my soul with one sentence

And then the fact that she was apart of the gang made it worse

Because no matter where I went she was going to be there for sure

And I just didn’t know how to deal with that

So when I seen her up there looking upon the birds

I thought I could finally get back at the person who didn’t know my worth

No one was near so I just pushed then I stared

As her body flew down the mountain like an eagle flying home

Finally she was gone

But I couldn’t return home

Why did I allow her to make a drastic change to my life?

How could I have been so dumb

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The Jimmy Kanter Chronicles: Pinder

“Aye, Jimmy, you hip to this app?” Derrick asked as he showed his phone screen to Jimmy.


“Nah, what’s that?” He said as he leaned over.


“It’s this app called Pinder. It’s like Tinder but mainly with black people. Yeah, I’ll warn you it’s got some men on here faking.” Derrick continued to swipe through.


Jimmy was hooked on the app from that moment on. He swiped left and right on each picture all throughout his classes. A couple of matches came his way and, before he knew it, he was talking to different women from all over the globe.


One evening, Jimmy came across a photo of a brown skin woman with big breasts. His eyes lit up when he saw her picture and there was just something about her that made him want to talk to her. Messaging on Pinder turned into them texting, then FaceTiming each other. He liked her even more because she lived close to him.


The first time they FaceTimed was when Jimmy was on spring break. Maya wanted to FaceTime while he was in the hotel. When the FaceTime went live, Jimmy could barely see her face and she kept making excuses for why there were no lights on.


“What was all that about? I’m no dummy when it comes to a catfish. Nah I’m trippin.” He thought.


After contemplating it, he decided to call one of his closest friends.


“Bruh, I’m about to send you a picture of this girl I been talking to. She said she lives around there.” As he sent the picture, all he heard was a loud laugh.


“Bruh, you playing! Not her. I tried talking to her too. Then I saw her in person. Never talk to her again.” Terrance said as he continued laughing.


“It can’t be that bad. She looks good in her flicks.” He argued.


“Nah, that’s in a picture. I’m going to show you when you get back. I know exactly where she lives.” Terrance said.


 A couple of days went by as Jimmy continued his family trip in New Orleans. He partied night in and night out with his family until it was time to go back. After arriving back home to Landover, Maryland, Jimmy was picked up by Terrance in his dad’s work truck. They went to Maya’s house. It was an older white house with a garden out front. The sky was clear and the sun shined bright.


As Maya began to walk outside. Terrance picked the perfect moment to yell out, “There goes your girl.”


Jimmy’s eyes opened wide as he looked at her. Maya was nothing like her pictures. She was short with breasts that hung down to her hands. She was as wide as a Chevy Tahoe and she walked like a sumo wrestler towards the car.


“Pull off.” Jimmy yelled from the back seat.


The two of them quickly pulled off, leaving her outside. Maya and Jimmy hardly spoke at all after that. Although she didn’t know he had seen her or knew where she lived. Just the mere sight of her turned him away from talking to her again.


Story Time: Cougar

This is a Story Time about the time an old lady started flirting with me. So this took place maybe early last year. Around this time last year, I had the flu. I went to the doctor’s office and they had to do a throat culture. It was taking very long to do so. Call it being a baby. A sucker whatever floats your boat. Because I was struggling. I don’t like things been stuck down my throat. I don’t like I eye drops nor nose drops. Sorry, it’s just how I am.

Anyways in the midst of the struggle and waiting in there until the doctors figured something out. There was this older woman walking towards me. I’m usually shy and don’t talk much. But today I decided to say hello. Big mistake.

She came and sat directly next to me. She just kept flirting with me. Asking me about my life and stuff. Touching my leg and rubbing. I was annoyed to the fullest. She did all of this while her husband was sitting right there. She said he was senile or something. That’s even more messed up.

The worst part was her telling me about how her husband fell outside and she scooped him up with one arm. Then she flexed her arm talking about you see that muscle, Kenneth.

“Touch it, Touch it.”

I feel weird to say I touched it. After an hour of her talking to me, I finally let the doctors just jammed the thing in my throat. I felt like a thot the way it hit the back of my throat. Turns out I had the flu I was sick. I wasn’t even surprised I was just ready to go. I got my medicine and left.

Of course, my friends were on some scamming stuff when I told them. A whole lot of you suppose to get with her to get the check. No that’s disgusting. I was 20 and she was like 70 years old. That’s disgusting and weird. If you like senior citizens then that’s on you. But that wraps it up for this Story Time. If you want to see more by me then follow this blog. Follow me on all social media platforms. Also, Happy Valentines Day!