Under (Spoken Word)

Under: I recited this on the day of my surgery. Thought I would share it on here. View previous posts until tomorrow. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list. The video of me reciting is here:


About to go under

Listen I never been punctured by a knife

Only voices that spoke volumes inside

Never been physically stabbed but I got scars in my soul

That took a toll On me

It finally made me try and heal to feel whole

No matter what I tried I never healed correctly like my arm

Thoughts used to run wild so much I thought about being armed

A little voice told me to just be calm

See the thing about being verbally abused is it doesn’t really hurt until you hear the same stuff from your pops and mom

The same stuff that you can’t control is what enemies tend to use against you

My only advice is to always be confident in yourself

Without a insecurity they don’t have leverage

Now I’m not doing this cause I’m desperate

I’m doing this to get rid of my insecurity

And finally feel like the man again

I have been verbally beaten for 8 years

I have shed millions of tears

Just looking for a cure

I found one

If it wasn’t meant to be

He wouldn’t have let me get to this point

It’s almost time to go

So I’ll see y’all on the other side

My Mind (Poem)

My mind- Is me just releasing the thoughts in my mind from 2017. I posted this to just remember the old times and the old problems that I have surpassed. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Audio version is below if you want to listen. Audio

I got a lot on my mind so I thought I write about it

Working all night just trying to make it

Doctors worried cause I’m not getting sleep

I can’t accept defeat

I got to prove that with me, you can’t compete

I got to stay ten toes down meaning I stay on my feet

I’m too busy taking leaps

No time to count sheep

As long as my heart got a beat

I’m going to be speaking on a beat

I can’t stop till my dreams is complete

Too far in, quitting is obsolete

It’s a New Year, I have to grind

I just got a lot on my mind

Out late just trying to shine

Still haven’t made a dime

As I continue to rhyme

I think is it my time

Is it my time to shine

I got to keep shooting my shot like steph

Long live Big Jeff

I got a lot of weight on my chest

I gotta push through it like a bench press

I can’t get any rest

I’m working each day with all I got left

Just worried about meeting death

This journey feel like a game of chess

The day is coming up

The only thing to make my frown turn upside down

I’m just waiting like Dwight waiting for a rebound

For years my mind been on lockdown

Made into a clown

Just to chase someone else dreams

Finally out like Gucci

I got crazy metaphors roaming through my mind like tunechi

If I wasn’t a little ashamed that I got to resort this I would spill

But for now it’s sealed

Tired of being looked at like I should be playing on a field

That’s just not my deal

Many spoken words where I express how I feel

In the gym going harder than a drill

Just trying to move this weight like a drug deal

With this I feel like I really got a voice

Feels good doing something with a choice

My way of making some noise

People couldn’t hear me for a long time

Spoken word came at the right time

Been shy for a long time

It was about time I had something that help me shine

Turned a new chapter in my life, if you don’t support me get in line

It’s my time like a clock

Hard as a rock

Nothing going to stop me not even a glock

Only person to stop me is myself

Book didn’t make a sale last year, you don’t know how I felt

Couldn’t sit back and wait for nothing

Grabbed my pen and went hunting

Now this Spoken Word in your head like a concussion

Did it all on my own no repercussions

It’s 2017 football talks gets no discussion

I’m tired of it, put red on your face like you blushing

My dreams in front of me and I’m rushing

Every track I do I’m crushing

Already got a team no time for people bluffing

Can’t wait for nothing then I’ll start rusting

Just know I’m coming

K. Exum

I’m Black (Spoken Word)

I’m Black:

All I keep hearing is keep calm it will be okay

I can’t keep calm I am black

They say relax

But you are not black

You don’t get attacked

But I get smacked

I get smacked because I match the description of a suspect in this incident

Oh what a coincidence

This is getting irritant

Get beaten and brutalize with no evidence

This is nothing new its been in existence

I’m ready to go the distance

Get pulled over each day because of your lights

You tell them you know your rights

Still get searched with no warrant

They say do you have any guns

You mind as well give no response

Before you know it you in handcuffs on the curb

Getting searched

These cops are starting to purge

Ask for id and then shots occur

Now the people start to converge

Another cop is not charged

They say violence doesn’t solve anything

Well back in the day we use to march in peace

Until our fearless leader was gun down on a balcony

His killer simply went missing

Just like that plane simply went missing


This year people are going nuts over gun control laws

Gun control laws can’t stop the police

We need peace

But thousand of people are killed and their case is left in a breeze

So I continue to tap on these keys

And let my words breathe

I can’t keep calm I am black

Be respectful and do as they say

A man on the ground with his hands up

I guess he wasn’t respectful enough

Or that was just his bad luck

They say not all cops are bad

Okay tell me what a good cop is

One that doesn’t use his fist

Or one that when he has to apprehend a suspect he has to use violence

But I thought violence is bad

Cops come to schools to tell the kids to never use violence

Wow that’s so crazy

That’s like a bully saying stop bullying

Or K. Michelle saying butt shots is not good

Or maybe like a thief saying don’t steal

Another unarmed man or child die each day

Everyday I feel like I’m next

So each day I pray

Because at the end of the day

I’m black

Pride (Spoken Word)


When did material items make you a thug

All of a sudden when I wear a scully I sell drugs

I hear this all the time but I give it shrugs

I didn’t know that when I wear a hoodie I’m the plug

This is destruct

I can’t help but say the system is corrupt

I didn’t know products define you

Maybe I should wear a suit

But wouldn’t that change my mood

They say it’s not cool

Just because I sag my pants don’t mean I shoot

Do we really got to come this dispute

They say you a gangbanger if you sag

If you wear tight pants you a fag

So when I put on tight pants then automatically kiss a dude

Man that’s so rude

Man this whole world is screwed

Everyone glued to the media but don’t see the whole feud

If a cute girl dances that make her a thot

Or that’s just a undershot

A girl having fun in this day and age is her being desperate

I applaud the ones that are changing the game

I see what this world became

People going insane

I see Jaden Smith getting rid of restraints

He refined fashion

The passion and expression for fashion

Some say they gay

My question is how do you make something gay

Day after day I pray for a better way

So now in this day and age when you wear a skirt

That makes someone want to rape you

I refuse to believe that

The actual human being is the reason they rape and that’s a fact

What happen to don’t judge a book by its cover

I guess that went out the window along with respect

Lets reflect

So many are infected by this disrespect

What is one to do, disconnect from life

But that’s not right

Material item can’t judge one’s pride

So where is your pride?

Writing Prompt #23

Write a poem about your body

My body is a temple that I often don’t want to be in

The look and make of the model may be pleasant to some but not me

Reasons why I use to want to leave

But I rather do some repairs

And continue to climb the stairs

To Success

We are not all blessed

With a great body that cover our flesh

But it’s up to us

To change the image that we don’t like instead of putting up a fuss

That’s what I think of my body

Other Version:

My body is like a Chevy Tahoe

Big and wide

It still is a good ride

The inside is nice

Great leather seats inside

The engine is loud and impactful

Once you hear it you will be amazed

But why am I so fazed

I just never looked at the body as great

I guess because the dents

Always made me repent

Fixing it up would bring me joy that I always dreamt

But that thought is nothing but a dream that mechanics been told me would happen

But it just hasn’t happened

So I settle for this truck

Because for the time being I’m stuck

Reason why I barely take it out

Because this truck is something I’m not comfortable with

Disclaimer: I don’t hate myself by the way. I could see how you can get that vibe from this. But I wrote 2 versions just because I had two different comparisons for this prompt. Hope you enjoyed. By the way this prompt came from https://www.journalbuddies.com/journal_prompts__journal_topics/60-daily-creative-writing-prompts/