2019 Must See Movie List

1. John Wick 3: With the ending of the last one I have to see this one. I don’t want to spoil it but just know it was worth watching. The trailer just shows to me that there’s going to be so much action in this one.

2. What Men Want: I’m excited to see this one. It looks hilarious and the main character is played by one of my favorite actresses Taraji. Although I didn’t see the other version of this movie what women want I still want to see this.

3. Hobs & Shaw: The trailer looks good but I hope this spinoff doesn’t ruin the fast and furious series. I agree with Tyrese about the spinoff and how it should come after the series is done but here we are. I hope it’s good and doesn’t ruin a legendary series.

4. Men In Black International: I love number one and 2. So I know the other guys won’t be in this one and it’s going to be the new generation of officers. So I’m excited to see where the story goes now. The last movie had a giant swerve with agent J.

2018 Christmas Wish List:

This usually would be so easy for me but I really don’t want much this year. Especially not object wise. Of course, I want stuff like my operation and more views on my blog and my music. But I’ll try to come up with objects and a reason for it.

  1. Island Green Foamposite. Just because they’re so sexy.
  2. New MacBook Pro. Just because I want it and can be used in other ways. Like for blogging and writing.
  3. PS4 Pro because I’m tired of my old PS4.
  4. Money. That’s any year really.