Workout Playlist

Workout Playlist: I would do my full list but that’s a lot of songs. 400 songs to be exact. So I rather list 20 for now.These are my top 20 songs to listen to while working out. A lot of these songs just put me in a certain mood when working out. Some of the songs is unknown to you but I suggest you listen to them. I’ll make sure to leave a link to the songs.

  1. 0’3 Adolescence by J. Cole
  2.  F.e.e.e.l by Mod Da God
  3. Never lose by Meek Mill
  4. American Dream by August Alsina
  5. Reach For Your Goal By JussMoon
  6. Bout it by Cozz
  7. Be great by Kevin Ross
  8. Breakdown again by Young L3X
  9. Grindin’ By NF
  10. Back on my bullsh*t by Papoose
  11. Fighting demons, dropping jewels by Montana of 300
  12. Think about it by K Camp
  13. Life by WillThaRapper
  14. You Gotta Grind By Ottomattic
  15. Drown Pt 2 by Young L3x
  16. Made it from nothing by Meek Mill
  17. Hussle & Motivate by Nipsey Hussle
  18. Remember This By NF
  19. Go for broke by MGK
  20. Do Dreams come True by Young L3X

New Years Resolution (Poem)

I don’t know what 2019 holds but I hope it’s blessings

Lord knows I been through enough stressing

I just hope I see many blessings

But if there is nothing already set then I’m going to work till I get mine

Spent too much time waiting on the sideline

For a time that the little arm never touched

Spent too many years relying on people to be my judge

Had me looking like a cripple with no crutch

Just falling off my game

Some days I just wish it didn’t take this long for me to learn my lesson

But I guess it all comes with time

I just been trying to grind

But some days it just feel like I’m scared to shine

Always been the type to be quiet until someone approaches me

My comfort zone is something I just need to leave

I know I can make it if I just put the work in and believe

But comfort is the thing that can’t be in my life right now

The things that I create i already know I can stand out

But then again I’m just one of the many artist in the crowd

And I’m not shit until I step on the stage and speak out loud

Always been the type of kid to be in the crowd

Not the one to be standing on stage

My New Years resolution is to perform