Writing Prompt #27

Put your music on shuffle. Write a poem beginning with the first phrase you hear.

Fuck these niggas talking about man

I just want a hundred grand

Is all these artists talk about

They can’t make good music so they just talk about stuff that brings clout

Money, drugs, girls, all the things that bring us down

But we talk about it because that’s all we can get on the beat

I wish they would just take a seat

If you can’t rap then why even take that leap

Our people dropping to their knees

Because of the drugs their taking

Because of what your songs saying

You’re not even taking

Your faking

While they’re dying

Or killing to feed the addiction they gained

What am I talking about man

I guess I started tripping too from listening to you

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Writing Prompt #26: I started writing for Clout

Writing Prompt #26: Write about why you started writing?

I just wanted to clickbait for a change. But I started writing at a young age. It just came to me. Now getting back to it was just something that had to be done. Its a hobby and a gift that has the potential to take me to the promise land.

The promised land being happiness. It’s one of those things that always put a smile on my face. It lightens my day. To be able to create my own world on these pages. That’s why I write. For happiness.

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Writing Prompt #25

Writing Prompt #25: 2 ways you would change the world: If you could make three tweaks to the way things are now, what would they be?

This is far out but I would make everyone the same color. Racism is the biggest and longest issue in my opinion. Just eliminating that factor I think will help a lot.

I would start the whole political rank over. Like a clean reset with new people and new laws. I just feel as though the laws now and people that are in, have an old mindset on people and situations. I would start fresh.

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Writing Prompt #24

Writing Prompt #24: What was your best year ever, so far in your life? Give a timeline of events and describe everything that made it so spectacular.

My best year ever so far would have to be 2016. I know that’s only 3 years ago but it was special because it allowed me to find my emotional outlet. That outlet being poetry and storytelling. I was into writing stories heavy when I was a cub but as I got older I fell off when I started going through depression through high school. I just lost my touch.

In 2016 to be exact would be late January is when I discovered Spoken Word. Sometime after that, I just wanted to give it a try after seeing Nick Cannon do some spoken word videos. So my first piece as you should know is New World. Then after that, I just had a spark from it. It became my therapist and my hobby.

May 2nd when I dropped The Rise was the best because it was just the first time I dropped a mixtape. At the time I was in love with it but now I realize I rushed it. But I was just excited to release something. Then New Breed a month later on the 17th. That one wasn’t rushed and became one of my favorites. Then a couple of months later in October, I dropped The Storm where I used my voice to go after different current events and more pieces about me. Just thinking back makes me excited for TR2.

I’m rambling at this point but basically, I gained an outlet that year. I was able to express my deepest emotions through the words I write and recite. Also, it just brought some fun to my life. As you know I’m a big rap fan and not being able to rap is something I hate. So being able to write bars is fun to me. It lightens my day when I listen back through and catch the little bars I threw. That’s it for this prompt. Make sure you subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when I post. Check out my previous post until my next post.