Writing Prompt #36

For this Writing Prompt Wednesday, is a prompt from Writers Write. A website where I get most of my Prompts from. https://writerswrite.co.za/daily-writing-prompt-785/

If you could be invisible for a day, write down 3 things you would do if you knew you can get away with it

Write down 3 things I would do if I was invisible and I can get away with things

What you think

I would rob a bank

I might take somebody life as well

I don’t have to worry about someone trying to tell

That last one was kind of off the rails

But hell I would rob a store

A lot of robbing here but I’m invisible

Take some iPhones and computers from a apple store

Sell them fast

For a a lot of cash

Try and double the amount from what I took from the bank

Come back to reality and live the rest of my life without anyone having a clue

But what would you do

Writing Prompt #35

So for today’s Writing Prompt Wednesday. Today’s prompt is by Writer’s Write. https://writerswrite.co.za/daily-writing-prompt-745/


Why are you staring at me?


Maybe because you beauiful

You maybe too clueless

To notice the beauty you possess

Probably because the guy you like didn’t profess his love for you

So you spend countless hours in the mirror drawing on your face like a 3 year old

Just hoping he look at you and his feelings just unfold

I’m just wondering when you going realize you making yourself look like Ronald

Get it a clown

You look like a clown getting work done to make someone that don’t pay you no mind happy

What happens when that don’t work

You get more work

Then you start doing more and more to make that person happy

But you know who’s not happy